What's up right now?

Preparing the rehearsals for the new production «NaYmA» , an approx. 25-minute piece.

Dance, acting: Maja Mirek

artistic direction, choreography, stage: Editta Braun

composition: Thierry Zaboiteff

technical direction: Thomas Hinterberger

Premiere on 9 April 2022

Filming of our Luvos film project: We take a cinematic look at the Luvos creatures who find themselves in dystopian landscapes. Fantastic creatures between animal and plant, beings from another universe, penetrate urban environments and industrial landscapes by means of green screen technology: naked skin of seemingly isolated body parts in contrast to moss, rock and asphalt.

camera, director: Meni Weissbacher

artistic direction: Editta Braun

dance: Martyna Lorenc, Sonia Borkowicz, Anna Maria Müller,

Berta Ramirez

composition: Thierry Zaboitzeff

light design: Thomas Hinterberger

Premiere sometime in late spring 2022 at Stadtkino Trostberg (Bavaria).

Recently ...

Trostberg / Germany - «Tanz, mon amour» - ein Filmabend mit Editta Braun, 27 November - postponed to spring due to pandmie

Linz - «LUVOSmove® research unit / colloquium» - Anton Bruckner Private University, 12 November

Linz - «Hydráos» - Posthof Linz, 8 November

Krefeld / Germany - «Layaz» - MOVE Festival, Fabrik Krefeld,

23. Oktober

Salzburg - «long life» - ARGEkultur, tanz_house Festival 21,

7 October

Villach - «Hydráos» - Lange Nacht des Tanzes CCB,

18 August

Minsk - Stream of «Layaz», «from us for you» and Artists' Talk via Zoom at the PlaStforma Minsk Experimental Physical Theater Festival, 28 August

Chaniá/Crete - «Hydrolákis, vol. 1_revisited» (premiere), Video Dance/Dance Days Chaniá, Municipal Garden of Chaniá, 22 July, 21.30

Seekirchen am Wallersee - «long life»

SA 17 July, 20:00 + SU 18 July, 11:30, at Kunstbox Emailwerk in Seekirchen am Wallersee

Plovdiv / Bulgaria - «Paula» - performed by Iris Heitzinger, Blackboxfestival

21 July

Premiere of «long life» at SZENE Salzburg

29 + 30 June, 20:30, at SZENE Salzburg:

Stream Premiere of «long life»

8 May, 8:30 pm at or directly here:

Zoom-Meeting artists & audience after the streamed performance,

STREAM of «Layaz» at the Austrian Cultural Forum London  

6 April until 6 May


Presence in European media libraries: 16 of the  e b c's  most important works from 1989 to the present are offered to relevant European scientific institutions.