Film Collision

director: Othmar Schmiderer

dance, choreography: Editta Braun & Jean-Yves Ginoux (FR)

composition: Heinz Leonhardsberger

lights: Heiner Sollereder

sound: Harald Friedl

location: Salzlager Saline Pernerinsel Hallein

bronze medal at the New York Film Festival 1994

Stage Version

choreography and dance: Jean-Yves Ginoux (FR), Editta Braun

music: Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, Marc Steinhausen, Patricia Dallio (FR)

light design: Marc Steinhausen (DE)

stage-set: Andreas Lungenschmid

costumes: Emanuelle Mothe (FR)

Touring: Cairo International Festival of Experimental Theatre/Egypt, Posthof Linz, Festival „Les jaloux de la Danse“ Théâtre 18 Paris/France, Internationale Wintertanzwochen Wien, Suzanne Dellal International Choreography Competition Tel Aviv/Israel, Eurodanse Festival Mulhouse/France, Festival Cour des Capucins Luxemburg, Freiburger New Dance Festival/Germany, Festival Salzburg:Tanz, Odeon Theater Wien, Festival Movements Unikum Klagenfurt, Galerie St. Barbara Hall in Tirol, Werkstatt Düsseldorf/Germany, Bühne in Hof St. Pölten

«Collision» (1991)

A love story as a dance duo: Sick man meets eccentric woman. Merging of two very peculiar, strong languages of movement.

duo, created 1991 by Jean-Yves Ginoux and Editta Braun in Paris and Salzburg, premiere: 19 August 1991, ImPulsTanz Festival Vienna, Künstlerhaus

Film by Othmar Schmiderer, 25 Min.

FULL LENGTH PIECE, final rehearsal in Paris, 42 min.

TRAILER, final rehearsal in Paris, 5:17 min.

Photos by Frédéric Noy at Studio Multitude, Paris 1991

Reactions on «Collision»

... Object woman, child-woman, mother woman, femme fatale, object man, child-man...etc. "Collision" is the speechless meeting of two people of our times, in a bizarre world of potted plants which surround the stage. He, pale, expressionless face, mostly with an inward stare, reminiscient of a Pierrot. She, cigarette constantly dangling from her lips, high heels, blue minidress and screaming red hair reminds one more of a Yvonne Printemps, sketched by Toulouse-Lautrec. They dance fantastically.... wonderfully danced, full of new ideas of movement and expression

Gilles Kraemer in Progrès Dimanche du Caire, Egypt, 2. - 8. September 1991

"Although quite intense, Collision is still extremely emotional. "Tenderness plays the greatest role

in the love between two people" quotes Marguerite Duras. And it is a deep tenderness which holds

these two, so often far apart, together. Pictures of unbelieveable power in which longing mixes with

fear, concentrated in a strength only possible through gesture, the honesty of feeling lets the audience

become voyeurs.

J.M. Gourreau in Les Saisons de La Danse , Paris