LUVOSmove® - workshop, teaching, lectures

LUVOSmove® is the trademarked name for a special dance technique and movement language, developed over more than two decades by the ensemble of the editta braun company ( e b c ) into an all-female body illusion theater. Characteristics are the alienation of the human body or single body parts to create the unexpected illusion of non-human, plant or animal beings.


Dancer, performer, choreographer, dance pedagogue, manager, curator and producer of various artistic projects.

* A graduate from the Anton Bruckner University in Linz (AT) at the faculty of Dance and Dance Pedagogy and the Koźmiński Academy in Warsaw (PL) in the field of Project Management.

In her dance practice she combines contemporary techniques, somatic practices and Tai-chi. She loves to dance with trees and clouds. In 2021 she received Grażyna Kulczyk Creative Fellowship to develop performative work "WALK IN THE FOREST" - where she is looking for ways of non-verbal communication with plants, and invites people to reflect on human relation with the environment. Currently developing a social-pedagogical project in Vienna (movement in public spaces).

Working with Editta Braun since 2016.

Magical illusion effect

through precision, isolation and a special movement grammar:

LUVOSmove® refers to the special aesthetics and fascinating movement language of an all-female body illusion theater, which creates the illusion of non-human, plant or animal beings through the alienation of individual body parts.

The proprietary dance language LUVOSmove® was developed by the ensemble of the editta braun company ( e b c ) over more than two decades.

In our workshops you will learn to understand and use this technique - through practice, conversation and observation.

We prepare the body for this kind of bodywork, improvise together, practice the movements and observe each other. Explore your body in a whole new way, discover extremes and surprises! Play with strength and softness, find new ways of articulation and unimagined dimensions of precision!

LUVOSmove® workshops are exclusively for women.


Secluded, out-of-sight, exclusive use, warm (heated if necessary) studio.

Good sound system


Choreographin, Regisseurin, Universitätslektorin

* 1958, Studium (Germanistik, Sportwissenschaft), Tanz- und Schauspielausbildung in New York und Paris. Gründung des Performancekollektivs Vorgänge, 1989 der editta braun company Salzburg. Jährliche Kreationen, weltweit auf Tour, internat. Kooperationen. Seit 1996 enge Zusammenarbeit mit Thierry Zaboitzeff (Musik, Komposition).

.4 Lehrtätigkeit u.a. in Linz, Salzburg und Wien, Internationaler Preis für Kunst und Kultur der Stadt Salzburg 2014, Großer Kunstpreis des Landes Salzburg 2017.

In the winter semester 2021/22 Editta Braun taught the LUVOSmove® technique under the title "Body Illusion Theater - the LUVOSmove®-Technique" as part of her teaching activities in a one-week practice block at the Anton Bruckner Private University Linz, assisted by Sonia Borkowicz.

We are now offering to teach the basics of this body illusion theater in the form of block seminars and workshops to other institutions involved in contemporary dance.

The insight into the very special LUVOSmove® world offers participants the opportunity to broaden their horizons and their movement experience, to explore their own body, its strength and softness, tension, precision, flexibility and fine details in new ways, and to discover extremes and surprising things. In addition to special exercises and improvisations, elements from the repertoire of various LUVOSmove® productions of e b c will be taught.

The research aims to increase awareness of selected body regions. It encourages experimentation with small, isolated movements within the body (e.g. only toes, only legs, only shoulders, etc.).

With this technique, the dancers alienate their own human body and use it or individual parts of it to create the illusion of non-human beings on stage. Practice, conversation and observation from both inside and outside the body help to understand and utilize the principles of this body illusion theater.

Package A)

LUVOSmove® workshop: 3-5 days, 4 hours each with Sonia Borkowicz

Package B)

LUVOSmove® Workshop with Showing: 3-4 days, 4 hours each with Sonia Borkowicz including development and approx. 5-minute showing of a short piece, video presentation "What the hell is Luvos?" and audience discussion at the end. For package B) our lighting technician is additionally required, as professional lighting design is essential for a public presentation.

Package C)

LUVOSmove® package theory and practice: one or two-week LUVOSmove® block seminar (5 days, 4 hours each) with Editta Braun, assisted by Sonia Borkowicz, with development and approx. 10-minute showing of a short piece (max. 15 participants[G3] ), plus guest performance "Hydráos" and final reflection day (colloquium) with video presentation "What the hell is Luvos?" and audience discussion at the end.

All information about the requirements for a "Hydráos" guest performance can be found in the technical rider of the piece :

TEACHING, RESEARCH (for universities, conservatories)