«Heartbeat. Concerto for dance & music, op. 1» (1997)

premiere: 11 April 1997, SZENE Salzburg

live music, composition: Thierry Zaboitzeff (FR)

dance, choreography: Editta Braun

concept, artistic direction: Stéphane Vérité (FR)

stage set, light design: Gérald Gribé (FR), Stéphane Vérité (FR), Albert Haderer

sound: Bernhard Auer (DE)

Touring: Festival Tanzsprache WUK Wien, Bela Bartok Komitat Györ/Hungary, Maishofner Sommer/Tauriska Festival, SommerSZENEfestival, Steintheater Hellbrunn, Festival mautfrei Brotfabrik Bonn/Germany, Festival Österreich tanzt, Festspielhaus St. Pölten, Impulsfestival Bregenz, Odeon Theater Wien, tanzpool Festival Vienna

«Heartbeat. Concerto for dance & music, op. 1» (1997)

A lonely captain finds a sleeping woman on his ship. Two solos melting into a  duo, the heartbeat providing the rhythm, pulse of life.

Duo live-music and dance, created 1996/97 in Valenciennes (FR) and Salzburg, premiere 11 April 1997 SZENE Salzburg



Reactions on «Heartbeat»

The choreographer Editta Braun, usually so spritely, exhibits a totally new facet of herself. She has joined together with the Art Zoyd composer Thierry Zaboitzeff and Carlotta Ikedas director St?phane V?rit? (Paris). Verite works with great precision, focussing in moving, uncanny, scant pictures on a woman who expresses herself first with minimal movements and then with more emphatic, wave-like cascades of motion. Thierry Zaboitzeff creates music with surrealistic motifs, breathtaking, like distant old myths: with electric guitar, electric cello and a deep, archaic-sounding voice.

Andrea Amort in Kurier, Vienna