«On How to Deal with a Human»  

Iris Heitzinger for editta braun company

What is it that makes us essentially human? That connects us one to another? On How to Deal with a Human gives answers – not in the form of a finished stage play, but rather as a performative venture: Together with dancer Martyna Lorenc and guitarist Victor Toral, Iris Heitzinger embarks on a quest for moments of permeability and vulnerability, confidently tuning into their audience.

An experimental setup, a game, an invitation to leave the comfort zone: a live dialogue that unfolds differently every evening.

The main working method is improvisation, the main theatrical stance is spontaneity. Stage art as a medium of ultimate presentness is fathomed to its utmost limits.

After the successful collaboration in the e b c productions Paula (2014) and LoSt (2016), Editta Braun gives choreographer and performer Iris Heitzinger free rein with this "carte blanche" for the  e b c .

«On How to Deal with a Human»

premiere: 18 September 2020

concept, artistic direction: Iris Heitzinger

performance, creation: Martyna Lorenc, Victor Toral

live music: Victor Toral

stage: Arturas Valudskis, Iris Heitzinger

light design: Stefan Ebelsberger

dramaturgy: Gerda Poschmann-Reichenau

production management: Editta Braun

length: ca. 45 min.

funded by Österreichisches Bundeskanzleramt,

Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg, editta braun company

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Iris Heitzinger, born in 1980 in Austria, choreographer, performer and teacher. BA contemporary dance at Bruckernuniversity Linz. Freelance choreographer, dancer and teacher. Collaborations with: Group LaBolsa & Thomas Hauert, Guillermo Weickert, Natalia Jiménez, Vincent Dance Theatre,  Cie. Laroque, H2Dance, Cia. Lanónima Imperial, a.o. Creates own work since 2008 in Austria and Spain, teaches contemporary dance, composition and improvisation throughout Europe, in Canada and Japan.   Her work is based on an interest in interdisciplinary collaborations, which investigate the spontaneous-creative potential of the body within the frame of instant composition systems. Performs with e b c in: Paula and LoSt.  www.irisheitzinger.com

Martyna Lorenc, born 1987 in Poznań, Poland. Choreographer, performing artist, researcher. MSc. Cognitive Science, BA dance & pedagogy. Long-term member of  e b c  and C.O.V. Company Off Verticality/Rose Breuss. Engagements with Alex Gottfarb, Alexandra Waierstall, Rosalind Crisp, Georg Blaschke, David Zambrano, and others. Co-founder of Lab On Stage art collective. Creates own choreographic works in different, often experimental formats (Garden of desires, A feeling that this is the case, TRWANIE). Her work is based on intersecting senses and imagination and draws from interdisciplinary research. Performs with  e b c  in: planet Luvos, 4plus1, instant, CLOSE UP, Close Up 2.0, 4only, Fanghoumé, Hydráos, On How to Deal with a Human.

Victor Toral, born in Sevilla, Spain. He started playing guitar at the Conservatorio de Música in Madrid. He then studied at the Hochschule für Musik in Salamanca (Spain) and at the Mozarteum Salzburg, where he graduated with a Master of Arts degree. He has performed as a soloist as well as in various formations and disciplines in Spain, Austria, Ireland, Lithuania, Germany, Finland, Norway, Mexico and the USA.

Photos by Bettina Frenzel