Film La vie, c'est contagieux

AT 1994

documentary about the process of creation with Jean Babilée

director: Wolfram Paulus, Salzburg 1994

locations: Szene Salzburg, Editta Braun's private apartment

premiere: 26 May 1994, Szene Salzburg

length: 24 min.

Stage Version

dance: Jean Babilée (FR), Georg Blaschke, Editta Braun, Eva Holz-Dahrenstaedt, Eva Forstenlechner (2nd cast: Céline Guillaume, FR)

composition: Peter Valentin, light design: Albert Haderer

choreography, costumes, stage set: Editta Braun


Tokyo International Choreography Competition/Japan, Artist in residence Szene Salzburg, Odeon Theater Wien, Festival Cour des Capucins Luxemburg, Festival Salzburg:Tanz, Landestheater Innsbruck, „estival danses“ Théâtre du Gymnase Paris/France, Stadtsaal Vöcklabruck

«La vie, c'est contagieux»


The evolution of a father-daughter-relation in the course of a woman's life.

Dance quintet with the French dance legend Jean Babilée, created 1993/94 in Paris and Salzburg, premiere 18 March 1994, Théâtre Jean Vilar de Vitry/Paris

Documentary by Wolfram Paulus, 24 Min.



Photos by Zapo Babilée

Reactions on «La vie, c'est contagieux»

... I t takes an enormous amount of courage and also innocence to engage a deity like Jean B. to dance.

And she's made a wonderful success, the young choreographer E.B., sure of herself...she is full of fire, in flames,

embraces life with both arms...a subtle, deeply-felt work which honors both the interpretation and the

choreographer. "

J.M. Gourreau in Les Saisons de La Danse , Paris

Le credo de Jean Babilée ... Editta Braun ... practices a form of expressionalistic dance which is unique in it's power

and softness, a passionate dance ... "

Gilberte Cournand in Les Saisons de la Danse, Paris, Juni 1994

A declaration of love, romantic, emotional, full of honest openess. Simply wonderful.

Ilse Retzek in Oberösterreichische Nachrichten, Linz

Monsieur Jean Babilée! ... How he sits on the sofa speaks volumes about theater history...About getting old and older, about the relationship between man and woman. The choreographer from Salzburg has slaved for five creating this moving, one-hour piece...With her athletically-powerful and explosive style of dance she appears so immediate. Respectfully interwoven: Babilee the great, in repose.

Andrea Amort in Kurier, 2. Juni 1994, Wien