«oXalis» (2005)

a scientific experiment on gen manipulated laboratory subjects

Together with her team and the Greek Company ProsXima, the Editta Braun has been creating the cynic dance-fiction "oXalis ", both   in Athens and Salzburg. The storyboard was developed by the Austrian author Joey Wimplinger in cooperation with Editta Braun. The soundtrack is an original composition by the French composer Thierry Zaboitzeff. The main questions for the choreographical movement investigations: How can the view on the human body be alienated that the dancing bodies are loosing their normal and familiar look? Furthermore: How far can a human body be deformed by movements and costumes to obtain unknown creatures who still could be creatures like us?


The "oXalis" experiment, which studies the possibilities of adaptation through gen manipulation, is popular both with TV audiences and research. Scientists study laboratory subjects being exposed to specific influences/events and observe their survival. Only the project leader and the studio guests (=theatre audience) know that the experiment is only a simulation, and that the creatures are contained within 60m2. In fact, public interest makes this experiment possible. Sponsors and advertising provide unthought of possibilities - scientific advancement through entertainment.

«oXalis» created 2005 in Athens and Salzburg

coproduction between ProsXima Dance Company and editta braun company

performers: Erich Rudolf, Jianan Qu, Maria Koliopoulou, Stella Zannu, Barbara Motschiunik 
storyboard: Joey Wimplinger
composition: Thierry Zaboitzeff
lightdesign: Thomas Hinterberger