«Matches of Time» (2006)

Editta Braun and Rebecca Murig lead with sarcasm, humor and poetry through a kaleidoscope of moving pictures, addressing the themes of acceleration, decceleration, self-tempo and self-rhythm on the one side, and to their instrumentalization as a disciplinary parameter and an instrument of rule.

"Our planet revolves ever faster and we, like hamsters, keep running, full of the fear of slipping. The rhythm of technical apparatus has become our temporal corset, we are hopelessly overextended as individuals, we have mutated into the subjects of technological progress and tempi. Generally, the rationalization of time has decreased the amount of time we have, even though the opposite

was intended."

Karlheinz A. Geißler: About the World's Tempo. Breisgau 1999

Full of houmor and in a very funny way the four powerful, strong and also theatrical talented performers - supported by students of the Bruckner University - act and react on stage. (...) A compact and very clear translated narration about life, that is passing in high speed.“

Oberösterreichische Nachrichten

„An overall very refreshing position of the genre (dance) that is not only using visual impressions but generates own associations in the public. (...) The performers show and amazing precision in their dance, supported by the music of Thierry Zaboitzeff, they never stay on the surface of the topic...“

Neues Volksblatt

„A successful evening with the editta braun company!“ The editta braun company, supported by an ensemble of students of the Bruckner University, presents itself with intersting, atmospheric pictures. (...) Editta Braun makes a collage of colorful scenes and impulsiv dance. (...)

Dancetheater is often produced for itself and doesnt care about topics that are worth beeing put on stage. Editta Braun and Rebecca Murgi did not hestitate to give their dance a topic“

Kronen Zeitung

«Matches of Time» created 2006 in Salzburg.

performers: Radek Hewelt, Barbara Motschiunik,

Anna Maria Müller, Rebecca Murgi, Editta Braun

choreography: Rebecca Murgi, Editta Braun

composition: Thierry Zaboitzeff

lightdesign: Thomas Hinterberger