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FLEXIBILTY:  a fast change of places, people, thoughts and values without any difficulties - that`s what is much asked for in our society.  What does it do with people?

The editta braun company is looking for the physical analogy of this flexibilty and does a vivisection on the living body – arms, legs, backs are moving separatly and then again in common. Of which parts do we exist generally? Does one recognise the body as a whole if only s single components are moving? Or do we become something else – so disassembled? Are we more than the sum of our parts? The audience will not only see the performers bodies from a completly different perspective but also experience their own ones in a new way – not only as a useful machine but rather as a being on it`s own.

Can our body be combined similiar variously like our thoughts? One day they are flowing into each other nearly perfectly but the other day they are versatile and disconnected as if we were several persons in one body.

These questions are the starting point of the research for the new production in 2017 with four performers.

More details about the concept and the complete cast can be given after the summer season.

Available from April 2017 on.

Cast: artistic direction, choreography: Editta Braun

choreographic assistance: Anna Maria Müller

performance: Sonia Borkowicz, Jacqueline Schiller, Neža Hribar, Jerca Rožnik Novak

composition: Thierry Zaboitzeff

dramaturgy: Gerda Poschmann Reichenau

light desgin , technical direction: Thomas Hinterberger