It's alive. It breathes. It moves. Muffled, like in water. But is it an animal? Plant? Man? Lemurs?

Nervous twitching, lifting and lowering, weighing and shifting. It intertwines, waves, contracts and stretches, crawls, dances, rolls. Organic at any rate and highly peculiar, sometimes dreamy gentle, then threatening and wild, a tangle of limbs, as if taken apart and reassembled into new formations: Legs like feelers, hulls without head, moving sculpture, archaic poses and always surprising moments of breathtaking harmony of forms and movements.

The new body illusion theatre of the editta braun company is an underwater fantasy in green and blue of alienating, sometimes disturbing beauty. Supported by Thierry Zaboitzeff's masterfully atmospheric compositions between distorted piano sounds, meditative bubbling and hammering beats, three dancers in skintight full-body suits immerse the viewer in a world of gentle waves that is both primeval and futuristic. Do the blue-green water creatures originate from a gene laboratory or are they pioneers of a new evolution that will repopulate our planet after the extinction of the species Homo sapiens? This time without the right of the strongest and competition, without the right of the strongest, without eating and being eaten?

Beyond good and evil, in a time or world before or after this distinction, this organism is pure life that lives, breathes, moves. Until the end.

dance, research: Anna Maria Müller, Martyna Lorenc, Sonia Borkowicz

composition: Thierry Zaboitzeff

light design: Thomas Hinterberger

dramaturgy: Gerda Poschmann-Reichenau

choreography: Editta Braun

length: ca. 50 minutes

funded by Österreichisches Bundeskanzleramt Kunst, Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg

Anna Maria Müller - dance, research, choreographic assistant

Born 1980 in Salzburg, Mag. phil., dance education at the Arts Educational School (London), University Vienna and Anton Bruckneruniversity Linz. Since 2005 freelance dancer, choreographer. Founds 09 the Pilates Studio Innsbruck. Since 2006 member of editta braun company.

Martyna Lorenc - dance, research

Born in 1987 in Poznań, Poland. MA cognitive science (UAM Poznań), BA dance&pedagogy (Bruckneruniversity  Linz). Engagements: Georg Blaschke/M.A.P.Vienna, David Zambrano, Rosalind Crisp, C.O.V. Company Off Verticality. Own choreographical works (Beton, Alien drive), video works and research (phantomsbeyondthebrain.blogspot.hu.

Sonia Borkowicz - dance, research

Born 1993 in Poznań (PL). BA in Dance & Pedagogy in Anton Bruckner University Linz. Engagements with Isabelle Schad, Jianan Qu, Yumiko Yoshioka, Editta Braun. Founding member of artistic collaboration "Collective B". Culture manager and event curator of Body/Sound/Space and Tanzhafen Festival (Linz/AT).

Thierry Zaboitzeff - composition

Born 1953 in the north of France. Founder and composer for the Avantgarde-Rock- Formation ART ZOYD, touring world-wide. Since 1995 solo and group-formation projects. Freelance composer and musician for film, dance, theater, events. Publishing of 28 Albums.  


Editta Braun - artistic direction

* 1958 in Austria, pioneer of contemporary choreography in Austria. Academic degree in Science of Sports and German Language and Literature (University of Salzburg). Studied dance in Paris and New York, teaches at the University of Salzburg and at the Anton Bruckner Private University Linz. Has created more than 30 productions (physical theater, dance) and tours world-wide with her company. Characteristics: intercultural collaborations, politically engaged, feminist view on society and theater. International Prize of Arts and Culture of the City of Salzburg in 2014, Great Prize of Arts of the Region of Salzburg 2017.