10.+11. November - KosmosTheater Wien - «LoSt» - 20.00

KosmosTheater, Siebensterngasse 42, 1070 Wien/Vienna

Preis: € 19,- | ermäßigt € 15,- / € 11,- | KosmosEuro € 1,- | Sparpaket € 84,-

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“Braun bleibt mit dieser Arbeit nahe am Atem zeitgenössischer Verstörung. Nahtlos und unterhaltsam verwebt sie alte mit neuen Beziehungsmustern. Großartig das Zusammenspiel von Iris Heitzinger und Dante Murillo.” Salzburger Nachrichten

28. November - Alte Residenz Salzburg - 18.00

Great Arts Award of Salzburg for Editta Braun. Laudatio by Markus Grüner-Musil.

RECENTLY - reactions on «Close Up 1»

How does a dance performance and a piano concert find common ground? A pianist and a choreographer are looking for ways...(and) Surrealist Salvador Dali would have really enjoyed the result (....) The star of the evening is 27 year old pianist AyseDeniz Gockin who has gained international recognition with her inventive interpretations which link wildly different music styles. (....) a most harmonious and technically successful performance. An essential part (of the production) is provided by the outstanding lighting design of Thomas Hinterberger.

Verena Schweiger, Salzburger Nachrichten, 17.10.2015

A temperamental pianist, faceless creatures from the shadows, and the sounds which bring them to life: The impressive interaction between sound and movement fascinates the audience from the very beginning. Turkish pianist AyseDeniz and the dancers of the editta braun company tell a story with gestures, movements and dance, which becomes even more compelling because not a single word is spoken (...) Among other things the fascination of this piece arises from the space it creates and the questions it poses, questions which only can be answered in the individual imaginations of each audience member (...) Editta Braun's latest work creates a lot of space for an audience's fantasy to run riot. Most definitely it leaves a powerful impression.

Claudia Maria Kraml, DrehPunktKultur, 16.10.2015

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RECENTLY - reactions on «LoSt»

Love in times of digital cholera

Choreographer Editta Braun is searching for lost happiness

"In this piece being loved and being lost are directly related to each other. Protagonists Iris Heitzinger and Dante Murillo are hounded. An accidental encounter at a newspaper kiosk stops them. Does it pay off to halt? Fascination and reservation are coming together. The choreography draws clearly like two seekers are lost in a world which outstrips itself nonstop.

What is love in a time of digital cholera?  Is it possible to be together under the constant pressure to define yourself in order to find an own Nirwana in the idea of self-realization?

The duo is presenting itself as a dance of two prime numbers. They  are searching a common denominator uselessly.  The thrill of ecstasy is followed by a bashful awakening. The nearness is awkward.

What´s left is a tentative desire for togetherness.

Good old humor works as an icebreaker – admirable overdrawn by the music of Thierry Zaboitzeff.

Braun keeps close to nowadays feeling of discomposure. She connects old and new patterns of realtionship seamlessly and amusing.

The interaction between Iris Heitzinger and Dante Murillo is awesome“.

(Verena Schweiger in Salzburger Nachrichten, 21.10.2016)