REACTIONS on «COPPERCITY 1001» in Jordan

"Coppercity 1001 talks in a extraordinary way about the theme of violence, an important piece for the arabic world.”

Prof. Akeel M. Yousif, Theaterdepartment College of Fine Arts, Baghdad

"An excellent work about poetry and violence, tenderness and rawness. We nee these kind of pieces in the arabic world.”

Jawad Al Assadi, director and writer, Babeltheater Beyrut

«Coppercity 1001» created 2007 in Alexandria/Egypt and Salzburg, reworked in 2008.

performers occidental version (2008): Tomaz Simatovic, Anna Maria Müller, Zoé Alibert, Barbara Motschiunik, Dante Murillo, Editta Braun

performers oriental version (2007): Khaled Raafat, Ahmad Abou Kharma, Sara Rashad, Tomaz Simatovic, Anna Maria Müller, Zoé Alibert, Barbara Motschiunik

idea, text. stage-set: Mahmoud Aboudoma

composition: Thierry Zaboitzeff

lightdesign: Peter Thalhamer

dramaturgie: Gerda Poschmann-Reichenau

choreoraphy, directing: Editta Braun

A co-production between Brucknerhaus Linz, Alternative Theater Group Alexandria, Bibliotheca Alexandrina and editta braun company.


Arts Center Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria/Ägypten, Brucknerhaus Linz, Szene Salzburg republic, World Performing Arts Festival Lahore/Pakistan, Amman International Theater Festival/Jordanien, tanz_house Festival Salzburg, Festival Österreich tanzt, St. Pölten, 24 heures de spéctacle de Kef, Tunesien, MomenTTum Festival Portoroz/Slowenien