Laminating or exhibiting, accentuating or veiling: With our most varied layers - of fabric, but also of make-up and other masks - we surround our bodies every day. What is tunderneath, where is the core?

On two doll-like silhouettes, heavily veiled modern Olympias, "Layaz" searches for the function of these layers and for what lives at the core of these strange figures: movement, energy and life reveal and unfold. A young woman discovers the potential of her body. The cocoon is shelter, but also dungeon. Now, unveiled, all of her self-forgetting elegance unloads, her body pulsing in the rhythm of booming basses, moving with incredible physical presence through Urban Dance in the broadest sense. Nothing seems impossible to this dancing female body, who gains an almost magical depth from the heavily coded style of black ghetto.

The second silhouette remains veiled, watching, an alter ego. Who dreams whom?

dance, performance, choreography: Cat Jimenez

alter ego: Pascale Staudenbauer

movement research: Nella Turkki

idea, artistic direction: Editta Braun

composition: Thierry Zaboitzeff

dramaturgy: Gerda Poschmann-Reichenau

lightdesign: Thomas Hinterberger

tailors: Janett Sumbera, Hilde Böhm

length: ca. 40-50 Minuten

Cat Jimenez

Vienna-based artist Cat Jimenez was born in 1986 in Cebu City, Philippines, and moved to Austria with her family at the age of four. With her background in fine art and street dance, she combines in her work the expressive fullness of hip-hop culture and the minimalist aesthetics of contemporary art. Since 2015 Cat Jimenez is mainly active in theater. She worked u. a. with Hungry Sharks, Cie. Gervasi, Studio Nita, Jungle Vienna and performed at festivals like Sound: Frame, Danube Festival, Danza Bolzano.

Pascale Staudenbauer

* in Salzburg, Pascale Staudenbauer studied contemporary dance at the Art Academy ArtEZ Arnhem (NL). Since 2008 member of Toihaus Ensemble Salzburg. As a freelance dancer, she worked u. a. with T'eig Theater and Hubert Lepka. Pascale is a certified yoga teacher with integrated Spiraldynamik® Basic training and teaches Vinyasa Yoga and dance in Salzburg.