Dante Murillo - dance, acting, research, choreographic assistance

* 1982 in Colombia, graduates from the Communication/Audiovisial department at Javeriana University Bogota/Colombia. MA of Arts in Dance/Movement Research and Pedagogy at Bruckneruniversity Linz/Austria. Touring world wide as performer. Creates since 2011 his own choreographic work. The B- Project and Dancing Museums are his latest projects as a Dance Maker, both of them are European founded initiatives created in collaboration with renown dance houses and Museums in the UK, France, Italy, Netherlands and Austria.  Performs with ebcie in: Coppercity, Paradies, Abseits, currently resident in, 4plus1, LoSt.

Iris Heitzinger - dance, choreography

* 1980 in Austria, BA contemporary dance & pedagogy at Bruckernuniversity Linz. Freelance choreographer, dancer and teacher. Collaborations with: Group LaBolsa & Thomas Hauert, Guillermo Weickert, Natalia Jiménez, Vincent Dance Theatre,  Cie. Laroque, H2Dance, Cia. Lanónima Imperial, a.o. Creates own work since 2008 in Austria and Spain, teaches contemporary dance, composition and improvisation in Austria, Spain, Canada, Japan, England, etc.   Performs with ebcie in: Paula, LoSt. www.irisheitzinger.com  

Anna Maria Müller - dance, choreographic assistant

* 1980 in Salzburg, Mag. phil., dance education at the Arts Educational School (London), University Vienna and Anton Bruckneruniversity Linz. Since 2005 freelance dancer, choreographer. Founds 09 the Pilates Studio Innsbruck. Since 2006 member of editta braun company. Performs with ebcie in: Luvos, Matches of Time, Coppercity, Paradies, Abseits, CLOSE UP, Close Up 2.0

Martyna Lorenc - dance, research

* in 1987 in Poznań, Poland. MA cognitive science (UAM Poznań), BA dance&pedagogy (Bruckneruniversity  Linz). Engagements: Georg Blaschke/M.A.P.Vienna, David Zambrano, Rosalind Crisp, C.O.V. Company Off Verticality. Own choreographical works (Beton, Alien drive), video works and research (phantomsbeyondthebrain.blogspot.hu.

Performs with ebcie in: planet Luvos, 4plus1, instant, CLOSE UP, Close Up 2.0, 4only.

Sandra Hofstötter - dance, research

* 1975 in Vöcklabruck, dancestudies at Bruckneruniversity in Linz. Engagements: Cataracts, Rose Breuss, Stephan Rabl, Kraud&Ruam Theater; Choreography i.a. for the integrative TanzkollektivKuk in Linz, dance classes for children and adults, member of Tanztheater Helix. Performs with ebcie in: Luvos, Miniaturen, planet LUVOS, CLOSE UP, Close Up 2.0

Katja Bablick - dance, research

* 1982 in Bavaria/Germany. Graduated at Bode School Munich and studies dance in Berlin. BA for Contemporary Dance and Pedagogy at Anton Bruckner University in Linz. Teaching and dancing in Austria and Germany. Since 2015 instructor for Moving- and Dance Pedagogy. Performs with ebcie in: planet Luvos, CLOSE UP.

Anna Lis - dance, research

* 1984 in Poland, graduated 2003 from National Ballet School in Bytom. BA & MA in Contemporary Dance at Anton Bruckner University in Linz, AT. Worked with Xida Dance Company/Charlotta Ofverholm, Catherine Guerin, Oleg Soulimenko, Frans Poelstra, Theresa Ranieri/Amy Raymonds, Cie. Dance Identity/Liz King, Cie. Off Verticality/Rose Breuss/Johannes Randolf, Stadttheater Klagenfurt, Landestheater Linz.Performs with ebcie in: planet Luvos, CLOSE UP, Close Up 2.0.

Paula Dominici - dance, research

* 1995 in Vienna. BA in Contemporary dance and Pedagogy at Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz. Acting training with Karl Wozek and Ingrid Sturm. Engagements with Ives Thuwis, Rose Breuss , Patrik Huber, Corinne Eckenstein, Mona May and Jianan Qu.

Kamil Mrozowski - dance, research

* 1991 in Poland. Graduating the Anton Bruckner University in Autumn 2017. Has been working with Regina van Berkel, Rose Breuss, Jagoda Szmytka. Since November 2016 member of Art Collective PLAY Plattform (Frankfurt am Main/DE).

Jerca Rožnik Novak - dance, research

* 1992 in Slovenia. BA in Contemporary dance and Pedagogy at Anton Bruckner University Linz. Engagements with Willi Dorner, Rose Breuss, Silke Grabinger, Editta Braun, Gisela Elisa Heredia, Johannes Randolf. Member of SILK Fluegge since 2014. Member of art collective RADIATOR (Ljubljana/SLO).  

Ornilia Ubisse - dance, research

* 1989 in Mozambique. BA in Modern and Contemporary dance with Pedagogy from Norges Danse Høyskole in Oslo. Choreographer/founder of Kronos Dance Company, dancer at TekstLAB, dancer at Nutopia, tour with Rikskonsert since 2013. Worked with Tavaziva Dance Company in 2016.

Thierry Zaboitzeff - composition

* 1953 in the north of France. Founder and composer for the Avantgarde-Rock- Formation ART ZOYD, touring world-wide. Since 1995 solo and group-formation projects. Freelance composer and musician for film, dance, theater, events. Publishing of 28 Albums.  


Gerda Poschmann-Reichenau - dramaturgy

* 1969 in Munich, Dr. phil., studied theater in Munich and Paris. After completing her studies she worked in Salzburg as a theatredramaturgist, since 2000 freelances as a dramaturgist, lector, translator and author.  

Thomas Hinterberger - lightdesign

* 1959 in Linz, director and lightdesigner, working with several groups (Kraud&Ruam Theater, Dramos Teatras Kaunas,

editta braun company, Karls Kühne Gassenschau, Stifterhaus Linz).

Theater Award of Land Oberösterreich in 2004.

Arturas Valudskis - directing, stage design

* 1963 in Lithuania. Studied directing, acting at the Academy of Arts in Vilnius, migrated to Salzburg, founder of Theater Panoptikum in 1994, Agregat Valudskis in 2014.

Lives as free-lance theater director, actor, musician, costume-designer in Salzburg and Vienna.

Peter Thalhamer - lightdesign

* 1967 in Linz, studies of graphic design, dance training in Linz, workshops and training in London, Amsterdam; member of the Performancegroup Fuckheads, In ‘97 founded gap-works for lightdesign/ stage/conceptual arts . Cooperations with various well known chorepgraphers world wide.

Antje Papke - management, text

* 1977 in Berlin, studied culture and management in Görlitz and Dresden, dance studies in Vienna, worked as tourmanager and pr officer for dance companies and as assistent to theater directors in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Vienna.

Since 2010 free-lancer.

Bettina Frenzel - photography

* 1965 in Belgium, living since 1969 in Vienna. Studies of Photography in Vienna, working for several photostudios. Runs since 1993  her own studio in Vienna. Main focus on dance, theater, objekts.


Hannes Klein - Film/Video/TV

* 1972 in Salzburg; studied communication science; realizing audiovisual projects for economics, sport and culture with his company „explosive egg film and television“; working as cameraman, director and producer.

Since 1989 editta braun company has been a guest at renowned festivals all over Europe, in Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Pakistan, Tunesia, Senegal, Uzbekistan, Russia, India and Japan. The process of creating emphasizes on the equal collaboration of artists from different disciplines. In this way dancers, actors, musicians, lightdesigners, visual artists join the company to collaborate under the same umbrella.

From 1996 onwards the creation of her pieces has been inseparably connected with the music of composer Thierry Zaboitzeff. Moreover carismatic dancers as Anna Maria Müller, Dante Murillo and many others contribute their creativity to the company’s projects since several years. Thomas Hinterberger and Peter Thalhamer join the company’s forces since 1998 with light-designing.

editta braun company’s work is opposing the meshes of network of systemically legitimised constraints, that is gradually creeping into our everyday lives, by exposing themselves to conditions of production in the socalled third world. Artistic productions and collaborations in India, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Senegal, Greece: this is not just the experience of a reality “outside” - it is also the bringing-back of these experiences into the increasingly hermetic space of our societies.


currently collaborating with ebcie

recently collaborating with ebcie

Dorota Karolina Łęcka - dance, research

* 1985 in Warsaw, Poland. BA and MA in Contemporary Dance at Bruckneruniversity in Linz, Austria. Teaching at SDSU- San Diego, IDA - Bruckneruniversity, Linz, at Artichoc in Brig and Ecole de Theatre Les Teintureries in Lausanne, Switzerland. Currently collaborates with: editta braun company, Cie.Linga (CH) and choreographs in own company Sundora & Dgendu. Performs with ebcie in: planet LUVOS.

Andrea Maria Handler - dance, research

* 1984 in Wiener Neustadt. Received her dance education at Chandiru Mawa’s studio in Vienna, her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at the Anton Bruckner University in Linz. Engagements with Chandiru Mawa, Cie. Off Verticality / Rose Breuss & Johannes Randolf, Cie. Dance Identity / Liz King, as well as own pedagogical and choreographic works. Performs with ebcie in: planet LUVOS

Špela Vodeb - dance, acting, research

* 1984 born in Slovenia graduated at SEAD Salzburg, member of association Atempo Circ in Spain, freelance dancer with Enclave Arts del Moviment/Roberto Olivan, editta braun company, Tomaz Simatovic. She explores her physical expression through dance, inviting forms such as circus and video.  Performs with ebcie in: schluss mit kunst, planet LUVOS.  

Tomaž Simatović - dance, acting, research

* 1978 in Slovenia, studies of electric ingeneering, diplom in Dance at SEAD in Salzburg. Member of the editta braun company and Cie Andreja Rauch; own pedagogic and choreographic work. Founder of the Campus-Festival in Izola and the cultural community ERATO. Own choreographic and pedagogic work. Performs with ebcie in: Coppercity, Paradies, Abseits, King Arthur, schluss mit kunst.

Manel Salas Palau - dance, research

* 1980 in Spain, studies of Physical Education, dance at the conservatory of Rotterdam; works as hip hop and contemoprary dancer (f.e. flamenco company Color, company Metros of Ramon Oller, Cobosmika company, ebcie and others). Performs with ebcie in: schluss mit kunst, 4plus1

Matan Levkowich - dance, research

* 1983 in Israel, graduated from Salzburg experimental academy of dance (SEAD). Matan works as a freelance dancer, choreographer and graphic designer. As a dancer he worked with Martin Nachbar(GR), Marco Torrice(IT) and others. Performs with ebcie in: 4plus1, instant.

Viviana Escalé - dance, research

* 1975 in Argentina, spanish nationaliy. Dance diploma at Institut del Teatre de Barcelona. Engagements: Volks-theater Rostock, Staatstheater Oldenburg, Ballett Freiburg Pretty Ugly, Joachim Schlömer, a.o. Since 2004 free-lance dancer, PVC, Cocoondance, Mouvoir/Stephanie Thiersch, CieLaroque.  Teaches ballet, contemporary, gyrokinesis. Performs with ebcie in: King Arthur

Markus Kofler - acting

* 1975 in Villach, Österreich; studies of piano, acting diploma in Vienna. Free-lance actor in Austria, a.o.: bei Neue Bühne Villach, Salzburger Festspiele, Theater Ecce Salzburg, Theater Panoptikum Salzburg, Kosmos Theater Wien, Rabenhoftheater Wien, 3raum Anatomietheater Wien, a.m.o. Performs with ebcie in: King Arthur

Ulrike Hager - dance, research, touring management

* 1975 in Upperaustria, after graduation of an polytechnic institute for chemical operating technology and a significant change of heart, study of dance in Linz and Amsterdam, since 2000 freelance dancer and choreographer. Performs with ebcie in: Luvos, Nebensonnen

Magdaléna Čaprdova - dance, research

* in Slovak republic 1979, graduated at University of Performing Arts Bratislava, member of  "Nova scena" theater dance company; performes in musicals and theater projects, participates in projects of Marta Polak (DAJV Company Bratislava), editta braun company. Teaching at Actor´s Conservatory in Bratislava. Actual in maternity leave. Performs with ebcie in: Luvos, Eurydike

Barbara Motschiunik - dance, choreographic assistent

* 1973 in Klagenfurt, dance training at Bruckner Konservatorium in Linz, Dance Web, Scholarship, scholarship for studying abroad. Engagements – editta braun company, Dance Energy, 2nd Nature Dance Group, Charles Linehan Company. Actual in maternity leave.  Performed with ebcie in: Minaturen, Nebensonnen, Luvos, oXalis, Matches of Time, Coppercity, Paradies.

Zoé Alibert - dance, research

* 1980 in Paris, grew up in Hamburg. Dance studies in Berlin, Salzburg, New York. Engagements a.o. with Volumen Express and friends, TMDAS/ Despina Stamos, Rebecca Murgi, Dani Lima, Performs with ebcie in: Luvos, Coppercity

Editta Braun - artistic direction

* 1958 in Austria, pioneer of contemporary choreography in Austria. Academic degree in Science of Sports and German Language and Literature (University of Salzburg). Studied dance in Paris and New York, teaches at the University of Salzburg and at the Anton Bruckner Private University Linz. Has created more than 30 productions (physical theater, dance) and tours world-wide with her company. Characteristics: intercultural collaborations, politically engaged, feminist view on society and theater. International Prize of Arts and Culture of the City of Salzburg in 2014, Great Prize of Arts of the Region of Salzburg 2017.